How STB will be a benefit to your launch into the UK or Mainland Europe

Using STB Direct Marketing’s knowledge and expertise will give you many advantages and help you to get up and running quicker:

  • saves time – a single contact briefed once only for any number of countries
  • brings you up to speed – tap into a source of reliable and up-to-date European direct marketing information
  • achieves results – each project individually researched
  • achieves consistency – your marketing objectives expertly communicated to get the right result
  • only one language – yours
  • only one supplier
  • avoids the pitfalls – invaluable advice on targeting, formatting, data protection issues, and alternative approaches to reaching your chosen European markets
  • saves money – better lists, faster project delivery, no costly misunderstandings
  • we handle a campaign from data sourcing to getting in the post.

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