Make Europe your Market



Here's what our clients think/say.


" I have been fortunate enough to utilize STB’s market research services twice now. Being a US based company moving into foreign markets is challenging. The STB team was instrumental in providing the detailed information needed to assist in our decision making process. We would highly recommend them to any potential client" 

Sean K, National Account Manager, Service Net Warranty UK, LTD


" We found that STB understood our requirements very quickly and provided good data from which we have subsequently gained significant sales - for the cost of a few thousand over 6 months we have gained hundreds of thousands of sales revenue. Unlike other list providers most of the list details were accurate with only a small number of errant entries. The way we really judge a supplier is how they react when things do not go to plan and on the one occasion that we had a problem, STB were very quick to react and get our project back on track. A good company. " 

Nicholas Riley, Director of a professional services business


" Although the end result was not one that ended in a partnership, the feeling we received was certainly a positive one. We truly believed a mutually beneficial relationship would be established. The high level of professionalism which Sue Barnes exhibited throughout our long process of developing successful target campaigns was evident. After interviewing and reviewing over 50 direct marketing vendors we eventually narrowed our list to 3, of which STB and Sue Barnes was right at the top of. Unfortunately, our company has taken a new direction and we will not be looking to pursue the same campaigns today and we may not use this type of strategy moving forward. With that being said I would highly recommend entering into a mutual discovery conversation with Sue Barnes and STB if you are in the market for leads. " 

Greg Koutsis – International Channel Manager


" Absolute Marketing has been working with STB Direct Marketing for approximately one year. During this time they have helped us to source a wide range of data requirements for our customers, which has enabled us to widen the scope of the service we can provide to them. The data is accurate, relevant and always delivered to the timescales we need – which is more often than not 'urgent'! In the past we have found it difficult to find a reliable source of data, so have tended to steer clear of offering this service. But now we are happy with the quality of details we get from STB, we offer data sourcing as a matter of course. " 

Absolute Marketing (Telemarketing Service Company)