Maximise the Return on Investment from your customer base

  • Are you seeing the sales from your existing customers deteriorating?
  • Is the frequency of purchase reducing?
  • Is the number of lapsed customers increasing?
  • Does all the knowledge you have about your customers remain under utilized?
  • Are you targeting all your customers with same marketing campaign?

Are you looking to find a way to reverse this situation?

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Many businesses focus on recruiting more new customers when looking to increase revenue and profit and seem to ignore the potential value that is sitting within their existing customer base.

It is much more costly to acquire new customers than it is to generate more revenue from existing clients. It is often quoted as being 5-11 times more expensive.

You are probably sitting on a goldmine of sales opportunities in your customer base that are remaining untapped. Wouldn’t you like to release that opportunity and turn it into increased sales and profit?

STB works with companies to help them understand the value and develop the potential that exists in their customer base by:

  1. Assessing the quality of your data
  2. Analysis and development of customer profiles to understand what your customers look like and how they respond
  3. Development of effective segmentation leading to customer marketing strategies based on ROI
  4. Implementation of up-sell and cross-sell programmes
  5. Creation of sound customer reactivation strategies

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