No! Google translate won’t do!

If you are looking to translate your marketing materials or your website into the language of your potential export market then the investment in good relevant translation will pay off many times over.


I have recently been involved in a Linked-in discussion on international business and some people were advocating the use of Google translate to translate marketing materials and websites. This is really not the right thing to do. Whilst Google translate can help in getting the gist of a subject, if you receive an e-mail in a foreign language, for example. It is, however, not the right tool if you wish to develop successful international marketing.


Similarly, even though English is quoted as being the global business language, it really is far from the truth. Also, it is impossible for you to second guess and dangerous for you to make assumptions on the level of English fluency of your target audience. Marketing in the local language always gives you the best opportunity for success.


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