Improve Marketing Operations

The structure and control of your marketing operations within a single country can have a very significant impact on the effectiveness and success of your marketing strategy, and ultimately, your business.

So, if you market your products and services across multiple countries in Europe, then the opportunity for inefficiencies and reduced return are multiplied with the impact of problems being consequently higher and the chances of missed opportunities even greater.

Different structures and operational practices suit differing situations and market conditions such as:

  • Market maturity, value, type, expectations
  • Product / service maturity, value, support requirements
  • Economic conditions across the broader market and in each country

In some cases your existing structure may have been ideal but things might have changed. Questions and scenarios which clients have put to us for our expert advice include:

  • If you are already established in a number of markets in Europe, you may have a situation where you have a local presence in each country and have a local marketing team. Is this the most cost effective and efficient way for you to operate?
  • All of your marketing is executed individually and locally in each country. Whilst this has the benefit of being totally tailored to the local market are you finding that your brand is being communicated differently in each country?
  • Your marketing across all countries lacks consistency? Is your brand is being diluted?
  • Are you maximizing the potential from successful tests across all countries?
  • Are you utilizing the lessons learned in one country to test and maximise potential across all the other countries?
  • Could you be realizing cost savings by centralizing your marketing activity in one place?
  • Mailing and print costs are increasing all of the time is there a way to reduce these? Is your team spending a lot of time sourcing lists individually in each country by going to several suppliers? Are you getting consistency in the targeting of your campaigns?
  • Many companies that have individual marketing teams based in each country can be saving considerable amounts on mailing and print costs, by centralizing their marketing in one location.
  • It also helps to provide greater control of your brand image and allows for knowledge learnt in one country to be far more easily transferred and utilized across other countries leading to increased sales potential. List sourcing can be centralized to save a lot of time by not having to contact many suppliers across several countries. There is also an added benefit of ensuring that targeting is consistent to give results that are comparable across countries.

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