Customer Profiling

Improve the response to your marketing campaigns

When you are looking for new customers do you have a specific strategy and profile of the type of company or person you’d like to acquire as a new client?

How do you go about deciding the type of business or type of person to go after?

Response to both your customer and prospect mailings can be improved by profiling your existing customer base and understanding more about whom your customers are and what they look like.

First you will need to enhance your customer database with additional information. For business to business customers this would include number of employees and SIC (Standard Industrial Classification). For consumers this would include any sort of additional lifestyle information – what newspapers they read, what sport they play, what their interests and hobbies are, what their income is, what sort of property they live in etc.  You will then get a penetration analysis comparing your customer base with the “universe” allowing you to focus your targeting on the groups with the most potential.

By adding more information to your existing customer base you will be able to segment your data more effectively, find out how to enhance your data.

Improving the segmentation of your database will allow you to:

  1. Allocate your marketing budget and resources with greater precision.
  2. Improve your return on investment.

Simplify this whole process by using STB Direct Marketing to advise you on the variables that would benefit your data most and manage the whole project for you. Contact us on +44 (0) 1509 670567 to discuss how STB can help you.

Find out more about how you could use profiling to improve your mailing response.


Improve the response to your marketing campaigns

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