Data De-Duplication

Failing to eliminate duplicates from your customer mailings could be damaging your business.

In the current environment where you need to make every penny of your marketing budget work as hard as possible to generate sales, it does not make sense to be sending out duplicate mailings to your existing customers. What is more it could have a damaging effect on your business as it makes your organisation look unprofessional and could be a cause of irritation.

If you feel that you could be wasting money by sending out duplicate mailings to the same customers and would like to maximise your revenue potential call us today.

Effective direct marketing requires excellent data management.

Data de-duplication is essential when you are renting cold lists for your prospect marketing campaigns. You will need to ensure that there aren’t any of your customers on the list/s that you are renting. If you are renting multiple lists, you will also want to ensure that there isn’t duplication between the different lists and your customer base.

Data de-duplication is more an art than a science and requires detailed knowledge of the process and data in general, to ensure that it is carried out to produce the optimum result. STB Direct Marketing have many years experience of managing data-duplication projects and are aware of the many issues and pitfalls that can arise when dealing with the complexities of data.

International and European data processing

Address format differs from country to country dependent on specific postal requirements, so you want to be sure that you get this right. Many languages have different characters, such as accents (â) and umlauts (ä) that can introduce complications into the processing of data.

There are also specific requirements in terms of salutations that are peculiar to each country. Getting it wrong would have an impact on your mailing response and the success of your campaign. STB specialize in the management of de-duplication and data processing for UK, European and International data. We can therefore, save you both time and money by ensuring that you get this correct first time.  

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Data Deplication News Item

Data duplicates continue to drain finances Businesses are still wasting thousands of pounds each year by sending duplicate mailings to customers. So says a new report by global information services company, Experian.

The research commissioned for the report reveal that 85 per cent of UK businesses and all sectors – from financial services, retail and FMCG companies, through to charities – neglect to remove duplicate names and addresses from their mailing campaigns every month.

A spokesman for Experian QAS said “Many of the companies we interviewed mail 100,000 contacts each week, at an average cost of £1 per mail pack. For these companies, a one per cent reduction in duplication equates to a saving of £52,000 a year.” From DMI Magazine Jan/Feb 2009.

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Data De-Duplication - what looks different may not be!