Direct Marketing Data

Successful direct marketing campaigns depend on good quality data.

This data might be from a variety of sources

  • your existing customer database
  • one or more existing prospect databases
  • cold or prospect data from external sources that you are (considering) buying in

Are your current customer and prospect databases clean and up to date?

Could you be wasting thousands of pounds contacting people who are no longer there?

Turn the waste into new sales potential & improve your customer knowledge through:

To understand how good your current data is > call us today on +44 (0) 1509 670567

Do you need good quality new data for your prospect campaigns?

There are many sources of data out in the marketplace. How do you know which are good quality?

How do you know which sources can provide you with the best data to reach your target audience?

STB Direct Marketing has a wealth of knowledge based on many years experience
of sourcing data both in the UK, and Europe. We can source all your data requirements:

  • Postal data for your mailing campaigns
  • Telephone data for telemarketing or follow-up campaigns
  • E-mail
  • SMS for your mobile campaigns
  • Business to Business
  • Consumer

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"Although the end result was not one that ended in a partnership, the feeling we received was certainly a positive one. We truly believed a mutually beneficial relationship would be established. The high level of professionalism which Sue Barnes exhibited throughout our long process of developing successful target campaigns was evident. After interviewing and reviewing over 50 direct marketing vendors we eventually narrowed our list to 3, of which STB and Sue Barnes was right at the top of. Unfortunately, our company has taken a new direction and we will not be looking to pursue the same campaigns today and we may not use this type of strategy moving forward. With that being said I would highly recommend entering into a mutual discovery conversation with Sue Barnes and STB if you are in the market for leads." Greg Koutsis – International Channel Manager