Make Europe your Market



About Us

STB Direct Marketing Ltd specialises in working with companies who are looking to expand into European markets, helping you to make a successful move into new European territories, or drive more business from an existing expansion.  We help you from the early stages of planning and market research, understanding the cultural and language considerations, through to assisting you with the implementation of your marketing plan. 

We have experience of working in a wide range of industry sectors including, IT, health, business services, hospitality, education,  media, finance, property to name a few. This includes catalogue and mail order businesses, and those marketing business to business (b2b) or business to consumer (b2c).

We believe that an integrated approach to marketing  to be the most effective, utilising leading edge techniques to deliver a good return on investment.

STB Direct Marketing Limited was founded in 2001 by Sue Barnes, B.A. (Hons),Dip.DM, F.IDM who has some 20 years’ experience in this particular sector. We are a team that includes, business, direct marketing and database specialists who are working with a range of clients from large multi-national businesses to small and medium sized companies.

“I hate to see businesses wasting good money through lack of proper planning and research. It is far better to spend on initial market research and gather all the facts, prior to making a decision to launch into a new market, than to waste potentially thousands of pounds further down the line.” Sue Barnes

Sue Barnes