Finance Industry Data List Brief


B2B UK / Europe 2009 2009
Data Type European Postal and email UK email data
Country France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy All UK
Industry Finance Industry Finance & Insurance,Utilities (Gas/Electric/Water) suppliers
Business Type / Additional Criteria Fund Management Investment Offices, Unit Trust Investments, Holding Offices, Life Investment UK based 50+ employees
Job Function / Remit Finance Directors, Senior Financial Executives, Investment and Fund Managers, interests in Futures derivatives, Forex, Equity derivatives Test Manager/Test Analyst/IT Compliance/IT System Developer/Team Test Leader QA Analyst/Project Manager/Programmer
Example Matching Job Titles Broker, Trader, Fund Manager, Portfolio Manager IFA Financial Advisor, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Investment Officer, Equity Trader, Finance Director, Financial Advisor, Fixed Income Trader, Fund Selection, Global Head of Equity Derivative, Global Investments & Wealth Management, Head of Asset Allocation, Head of Dealing, Head of Derivatives, Head of Equities, Head of Equities Europe, Head of Equity Derivative Sales, Head of Equity Finance, Head of Equity Sales, Head of European Equity Programs, Head of Fixed Income, Head of Fund Selection, Head of Global Cash Equities, Head of Global Strategy, Head of Portfolio Management, Head of Product Services, Head of Products and Services  

Please Note: These are just some examples to illustrate the sort of data we have recently sourced for clients. We source data for a wide range of clients and target markets across all industry sectors and business types in Europe, Asia & North America. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

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