Make Europe your Market



Benefits Direct - Website / DM Channels vs Distributor/Agent


Direct - Website/DM Channels



  • Consistent brand image, therefore no dilution of brand/ product
  • You can control the entire process/marketing activity

STB’s experience:

  • Target the right audience
  • Source the best marketing data lists for the target audience
  • Advise on size / weight / format of a mail-piece
  • Advise on achieving optimisation on postal costs
  • Management of the mail fulfilment process
  • Provision of telemarketing services by local language speakers for follow-up research / data cleansing 
  • Translation of marketing materials into local language.

Benefits to you from working with STB:

  • Knowledge of international direct marketing
  • Reliable data from quality sources
  • Save time by only briefing a single contact once for any number of countries - Improved quality of data




  • Established key local contacts/relationships
  • Based locally in the export market of choice


  • Will they be able to offer and maintain a consistent level of support once you have launched into the new market.
  • Will they be delivering the sales and profit you require?
  • Will your brand image be maintained?

If you are using a distributor or agent in a country, direct marketing can be used effectively to drive business to your agent as well as increasing your brand awareness.

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