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Boost your sales by improving your customer database


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Updating your existing customer database is the key to surviving, and even growing, in the recession. This is where STB Direct Marketing can help

Many companies spend time and money chasing prospects instead of looking after their existing clients. Acquiring a new customer can cost five times as much as maintaining a good relationship with an existing customer. By not focusing on your existing customers you are leaving your database wide open to competitors. Losing a customer to a competitor can be frustrating and costly, especially in the current economic climate.

To increase sales and make the most of your existing customers, it’s vital to have a clear communication strategy in place. Communicating effectively with your customers will help to increase your revenue and improve customer loyalty.

STB Direct Marketing can work with you to enhance your entire customer communication strategy. Our team of experts help with every part of the process from cleansing your existing customer database, to defining your customers’ preferred methods of communication. As a result of this service you will have a highly responsive database containing the current contact details of key decision makers and a clear plan of how to communicate with them effectively.

We can provide you with a free data audit review which will show you how much money you can save with a quality database, ensuring you contact the right people, first time.

Stay one step ahead with a responsive customer database and make sure your clients stay with you.

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