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New Customer Acquisition

A new index compiled by Royal Mail and the Marketing Society explores how the UK's top marketers plan to use their budgets over the next six months. It covers the key drivers, areas of focus and priority channels.

A key factor revealed by the survey is that instead of focusing on retention, which has previously been regarded as vital to ride out the recession – 28% of the senior marketing directors polled say they'll be concentrating on customer acquisition to boost the bottom line.

The results also show that 26% of marketing directors are optimistic about their budgets, believing they will increase before January 2010.

Amongst the marketing mix it is traditional direct mail and SEO/Natural search that were cited as the two most important tools to be used. Boosting sales and the bottom line however, as one would expect still remains a priority.

If you are looking to implement new customer acquisition plans in the new year, you will know that using quality data for your campaigns is critical to your success. Whether you take a traditional direct mail or a newer e-mail marketing approach or a combination of both, ensuring that you are getting to the right target audience and eliminating waste remains as important as ever.

So don’t take a gamble - tap into our wealth of knowledge and expertise on all things data. STB Direct Marketing is a data specialist. We know the list market in the UK and Europe intimately through many years experience and we only source from quality data suppliers.

If you source and purchase data off the internet you don’t always know the quality of the data you are getting. If you have never bought data for marketing campaigns before, it can be a bit of minefield. You won’t know when the data was last updated and it can sometimes result in expensive mistakes.

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Read the Marketing Society and Royal Mail report in full.