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Cultural bias impacts international marketing

Posted by: Sue Barnes Posted Date: 30/04/2012
  Culture has a major impact on shaping the values, assumptions, and behaviour of individuals and organizations in society. What is more, each of us views the world according to our own cultural biases. However, when looking to export into a new market, it is vital not to make the assumption that everyone in all countries views their world like you do. The culture of a country will impact significantly on the success or failure of your expansion into a new territory and you ignore its impact at your peril.   The use of local market knowledge is priceless. Understanding the culture impacts the way you communicate both verbally, in terms of tone and approach, and also visually, and you need to make sure you use the design and creative style that is appropriate to that market place when creating your marketing materials. Also, don’t forget to consider that colours have their own non-verbal impact on communication and those meanings can vary from country to country. e.g. White is the colour of mourning in Japan while black has similar symbolism in the USA and Europe.   To read more about cultural factors and how to expand successfully into International markets take a look at my article “The Keys to Successful International Marketing” published this month in Direct Commerce magazine.    

The keys to successful international marketing

Posted by: Sue Barnes Posted Date: 24/04/2012
  There are a number of key areas that all businesses should consider when looking to start marketing their products or services internationally. One of the most fundamental of these is ensuring that you carry out effective market research.   However, I have seen many businesses, particularly the smaller ones, who have skimped on their market research only to pay the price later on. It really pays dividends to invest in good market research in the initial stages, before making your decision on whether to launch into a new market or not. To discover that there isn’t a market for what you are selling, or realizing that your product/service is too advanced for that market, or finding that competition is too tough is something you really need to know before you waste good money.   The more in-depth market research that you carry out up front, the less risk you are taking in launching into a new market.   To find out more you can read my article “ The Keys to Successful International Marketing” published this month in Direct Commerce Magazine.