While drafting a new paper on Integrated Marketing I identified these two pieces of research into the benefits of an integrated approach to marketing activity.

"A survey by Pitney Bowes of UK Consumers revealed that 60% said that direct mail or direct response advertising was most likely to get them to shop from the website of a company they'd never bought from before. In contrast, only 24% said a digital marketing message, such as e-mail or an online ad would encourage them to shop at a website they had never bought from before.”

Results of USPS Study

"Consumers who receive catalogs are more likely to become multibuyers online, accounting for 15% more transactions, and will spend on average 16% more than customers who did not receive catalogs, according to the study. The USPS study also reported that consumers who receive catalogs in the mail are more than twice as likely to make an online purchase, compared to consumers who don't receive catalogs, regardless of household income, education or geography."