Royal Mail 'DM' Sale

This could provide an opportunity for you to test different formats and direct mail concepts as long as the volumes are in addition to your normal mailing volumes. It could also provide an opportunity for businesses that are not currently using direct mail as part of their marketing mix to test out the benefits. Web only businesses could benefit from using direct mail techniques to target hitherto untapped segments of their target audience and drive more traffic to their web site.

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The 20% discount applies to Mailsort 3 letter format volumes so the weight of items needs to be below 100gms and less than 5mm thick and conform to letter dimensions.

It also will apply to Royal Mail’s Sustainable Mail product for mailings that meet the environmental standards, developed earlier this year. You will have to clearly prove that the mailings you are doing are new and additional to your normal volumes compared to previous years in order to meet the qualification criteria.

As the discount will be credited back to you only after the mailings have been processed you will need to ensure that you can clearly prove that the volumes are additional You will also need to have a Royal Mail Online account.

To take advantage of the 'DM Sale' you will need to complete an application form and send it to the Royal Mail before the 19th March 2010. The offer applies to any organisation willing to increase direct mail volumes above their normal levels for March and April 2010 compared to previous years. You can make your application via Royal Mail's website.

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According to the following press release from Royal Mail:

The initiative is designed to encourage advertisers who don’t use direct mail, to test it as a stand alone activity or as part of an integrated campaign as well as enabling existing DM users to try different campaign tactics during the two-month period and maximise the use of their data.

The announcement follows recent research carried out by media agency group OMG, on behalf of Royal Mail, that showed direct mail’s ability to improve the performance of other marketing activities, with digital campaigns seeing a 62 per cent increase in payback when combined with direct mail. The study also revealed direct mail as the only advertising channel to show an increase in response rates in the first half of 2009.

Mark Thomson, Media Director at Royal Mail, said: "Advertisers and agencies alike are under pressure to deliver more for less. Most media channels are being underpinned with incentives including short-term price deals, value-added offers and shared risk opportunities and this initiative is a new approach for Royal Mail.

"We want advertisers who do not use direct mail to discover for themselves the benefits of a mail campaign either on its own or in combination with other marketing activities. The DM Sale will also enable existing direct mail users to make the most of their data and reach a wider audience than they would ordinarily target."

Press release Issued on behalf of Royal Mail by Eulogy!