Companies struggling with European Marketing are asking...

Some of our clients described themselves as 'having broken into 1 or 2 markets in Europe, but it’s been a challenge for us. It’s taken us longer than expected to achieve the desired results and we have had to learn by our mistakes. We want to move forward and expand further, but feel we probably need some help'.

Further European expansion Their questions and concerns are often pressing, because of the committed investments they have made, and they are looking for solutions which are going to work and probably work quickly. They ask us such things as:

  • We've made some mistakes that cost us a bit of money.
  • We want to move into further markets but are wondering if there is a way we could do it better this time by avoiding some of the pitfalls.
  • It's been hard work and we have made some progress, we've learnt a lot along  the way, but our internal resources are limited and that puts pressure on the business, so it might be difficult to continue to move into further new markets without some external help.
  • We recognized that we needed expert help, but then we used someone, one of our directors happened to know, who had worked in that market at some point.  It was a lot cheaper, but cost us significantly more in the long run.

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