Companies experienced in European Marketing are asking...

One of the major categories of our clients describe themselves as 'having made great strides into Europe and have become well established, but have started to experience a deterioration in our results – we are open to new ideas.'

Refine & re-energise your marketing performanceThey still have questions and concerns which we help them to address / overcome. Such as:

  • Whether what they did to get there initially is still going to work in the next phase?
  • The target market share expected hasn't been achieved and there is something missing in the approach, it could be something obvious but it is evading them.
  • Success they have had has waned somewhat, and the growth plan is not on track, they have tried different things but don't seem to have found out the real reasons why it's not going so well.
  • Response rates to their marketing programmes are deteriorating. They are not maximizing the potential from their existing customer base.

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