Bolster your European Marketing Results

Well established in Europe but results are deteriorating

You are marketing in several countries in Europe but sales are falling and you are looking for ideas on how to make improvements, then you need to call STB today.

Refine / re-energise your marketing performance

Our approach

In order for us to identify how we may be able to help you in reversing the downward trend, we would need to conduct a full Marketing audit for your business.  Bringing in an experienced marketing person from outside your business can provide an objective view of your business. Link to Strategic Market Direction


This sort of analysis cannot be handled by someone internally, because pre-conceived ideas and internal politics will generally get in the way of true objectivity.


Split into Internal and External

Incorporated in the audit would be a review of all your current marketing activities and results as well as external factors that might be impacting your business both negatively and positively.


The audit would be handled in a structured manner looking at all the elements that impact the marketing of your products or service/s. A full report would be provided together with key recommendations.